Catering Guidelines


Coffee To Go$24.95
Each CADDY dispenses 10 - 12 cups of our signature Italian 100% Arabica Coffee by Lavazza. Comes complete with insulated paper cups and condiments.

Pastries$2.95 per person
Minimum 6 people
Includes a variety of cornetti, muffins, loaf slices and Italian biscotti.

Fruit and Yogurt Cup $5.57
Allow 24 hours notice

Assorted Breakfast Panini $5.95 per person
Minimum 6 people
Breakfast panini are made with fresh eggs — frittata style.


Panini $4.50
Minimum 6 people
Assorted Grilled Panini made in-house - Half panino per person

Salads SMALL $3.95 per person
LARGE $5.95 per person
Minimum 6 people
Crisp and made to order with only the freshest ingredients.
With grilled chicken add $4.00.

Soups $4.50 per person
Enjoy our hearty minestrone or our daily feature - individual 8 oz. servings



Our desserts, pastries and all natural gelato are Made Locally or From Italy. Whole cakes available.


We proudly serve Coca-Cola products, Natural Juices, Italian Sodas, and Mineral Water. Some locations are licensed.