Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Caffè Sorrentino originate from?

The first Caffè Sorrentino opened in November 2005. For the past 30 years the Rago and Saccomanno family have put their passion and commitment into building a successful chain of restaurants. Caffè Sorrentino was inspired by the success of the restaurants and Carmelo's desire to have an Italian caffè.

Why should I invest in a Caffè Sorrentino franchise?

Caffè Sorrentino will give you an opportunity to join a concept that is authentic and unique. Here are a few reasons to become our franchise partner:

• Thirty years of restaurant experience
• Ten years of franchising experience
• Brand recognition
• Purchasing power
• Advertising power
• We provide a full "Turnkey" operation which includes: site selection and negotiations, store development and setup, franchisee training program, pre-opening and grand opening support, complete operations manual and ongoing operational & marketing support.

How much of an investment is required to open a caffè?

The total investment required will be in the range of $325,000 - $365,000 including our initial Franchise Fee of $20,000. These numbers will vary based on factors such as condition and size of space, type of location etc.

What does it take to financially qualify?

A franchise applicant must be financially sound and have unencumbered funds of at least 35% of initial investment. Having said that, just because you are monetarily equipped doesn’t necessarily mean you are qualified. Financials are only one of the factors that we analyze when evaluating candidates.

What are the Caffè Sorrentino royalties?

Sales royalties are 7%. Marketing and advertising royalties are 2%.

Is experience in running a small business required?

Experience in running a small business is beneficial but not required. You will receive a combination of classroom and hands-on training in the important aspects of operating your business. Applicants must join us with an open mind, a great work ethic and a passion for foodservice and coffee.

Do I have to operate my caffè?

You are required to devote your full time efforts to the business or have a partner with a minimum 25% equity ownership devote their full time efforts to the business.